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eco clipper ® mowing systems

eco clipper ®  economic large area mowing systems built from experience.

The eco clipper mowing system is aimed at the regular maintenance of large areas of cultivated turfgrass as can be found on sporting grounds and turfgrass farms. It is an alternative for cylinder mowing that approximates the finishing quality of a well set up and operated cylinder mower for considerably less costs.

The eco clipper mowing system has many advantages over the traditional cylinder mowing system. Three fast spinning and sharp high lift blades per meter cutting width, combined with a smooth deck, deliver a clean cut and even clipping dispersion. Even under wet mowing conditions the clippings are equaly dispersed. What’s more is that, depending on conditions, the system allows high mowing speeds up to 25 km/h without diminishing the cutting results.

Because of these features the eco clipper mowing system can be scheduled to mow the fields in a regular manner virtually independent on weather conditions. This means control on the amount of clippings that are produced each mowing cycle, avoiding the need to remove excess clippings after wet periods.

The eco clipper ® mowing system

The base of the mowing system is a 106 cm wide mowing module with 3 rotary blades. The deck modules can be linked together in a larger, but flexible contour following mowing deck. Possible combinations are: 2 modules for 207 cm cutting width, 4 modules for 411 cm cutting width or 6 modules for 615 cm cutting width.

The decks can be attached to two types of frame. A front mower can consist out of a single deck consisting out of 2 till 6 modules. A towed mower can be of 8 till 12 modules wide built out of 2 or 3 separate decks. The front mower folds in for transport till 2,4 m width and the towed mowers are within 2,6 m wide for transport.

2m eco clipper flexible mowing deck module

2 modules: 207 cm cutting width

4m eco clipper flexible mowing deck module

4 modules: 411 cm cutting width

6m eco clipper flexible mowing deck module

6 modules: 615 cm cutting width

Built from experience

The eco clipper mowing system is an evolution on the mowing system that was originally developed on the turfgrass farm of the Leijenaar family and was launched in 2002 as Green Clipper. The Green Clipper back at the time was a revolution in the turfgrass industry. Till 2008 the different models of the Green Clipper as well as the cylinder mower Green Zizzor have been further developed and marketed by Leijenaar Products BV.

After the ending of Leijenaar Products BV Syb Leijenaar focused on mechatronic product development services and consulting in Leijenaar Solutions. Among other things, the controls of existing Green Clippers and Green Zizzors was simplified, in order to make maintenance and repair easier by the farm mechanics themselves.

Lately came requests for upgrading 15 year old Green Clipper mowers. It felt appropriate to turn the learnings into an improved electrical mowing system named eco clipper and make the technology commercially available. The focus is on improved efficiency, easy maintenance and low cost of ownership.

Refurbished GC5

At the sod farm Direct Gazon in Ysselsteyn, the Netherlands,  they operate five GC5’s. Their two oldest machines from 2003 have been refurbished with new flexible decks from eco clipper and a new simplified control system that has been developed collaboratively.

Direct Gazon


Dear Syb,

We are happy with the fact that after 10 years, the technology of the GC continues. The knowledge and expertise about this machine is back. There is no better / cheaper mower than a GC in terms of efficiency and maintenance costs. The mower that we now use with the new simple control system is a big improvement, not malfunctions. The much lighter cutting decks with the more efficient engines on them are much more flexible than the old cutting units. The material used is easy to order. If we want to expand in cutting capacity it will definitely become an eco clipper.

Rob Bruin, co-owner Direct Gazon

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