Eco Clipper AM (coming soon)

  • Working width of 3 to 5 m and mowing speed of up to 16 km/h, giving a capacity of about 3 to 6 ha/h
  • The autonomous mower can be taken to the field by tractor
  • The autonomous mower can be programmed by recording a manual drive around the contours of the field
  • The autonomous mower can be diesel-electric or powered by a 60 kWh battery


Eco Clipper’s autonomous mower will soon appear in 2024. Introducing an autonomous mower to the farm requires careful preparation. Therefore, we plan to start with a small number of selected farms to introduce the Eco Clipper AM. Please visit a demonstration in your area. We have planned demonstrations at the TGA Summer Meeting on Wednesday 5th June held at Tillers Turf in Thorny and at the DRV (Deutscher Rollrasen Verband) meeting in Essen at the 3rd of July.